Robert Carr

Dr Robert Carr
Chief Executive eWater Solutions

Robert is the Chief Executive of eWater Solutions and leads the Science and Engineering, Commercial Products and Training areas. He also is also the Modelling Team Leader and Senior Trainer.

Education BE (Hons), University of Queensland, Australia 1980
Master of Science, Iowa State University, USA 1982
Doctor of Philosophy, Iowa State University, USA 1985
Graduate Diploma Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) 2005
Memberships Chartered Professional Engineer Australia (MIEAust) NPER-3
Australian Water Association
International Association of Hydraulics Research
Awards Research Excellence, Iowa State University, 1985
Churchill Fellow, 1990
Language proficency English (fluent/native)


Robert is an experienced hydrologist and hydraulics expert with 30 years of expert review, project, software development and management experience. Robert is a researcher, trainer and practitioner in the water science-to-technology field, particularly in the field of simulation tools for integrated water management for Australia and internationally. He has undertaken water management projects including real-time warning, planning and operational models for river, water supply and wastewater systems. He has managed projects involving data collection, hydraulic and hydrological analysis in IWRM, flood management, groundwater/surfacewater interaction and wet weather wastewater analysis. He has delivered more than 100 training courses and seminars in modelling for water resources and urban water management. He has lived and worked in several countries.