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Feature — 27 October 2010
Catchment challenge: managers need to balance priorities
 Enable images to view Managers in the water industry have to balance complex competing priorities. And the juggling act could be made easier with good quality modelling software according to an eWater workshop at Riversymposium 2010 in Perth.

“The workshop told us that managers are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle priorities” said Professor Gary Jones, CEO eWater. “Most felt the need to be able to turn to good quality models and use them to run different scenarios and justify decision making.”

Launching eWater’s latest product Source Catchments Professor Jones explained how it had been road tested with several industry partners. This included the Queensland Government using it across 35 Great Barrier Reef catchments to assess progress towards meeting reef plan targets.

“We are very pleased to be putting in the hands of the water industry a capability to tackle complex issues in catchment management and find solutions,” Professor Jones said. “Source Catchments can support the work of natural resource agencies throughout the country by providing answers based on a track record of scientific research.”

A fully functional 12 month free trial of Source Catchments is available for download from the eWater website.

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While Source Catchments has been fully trialled in a range of application projects around Australia, nothing compares to seeing how it works in your own catchment.

Visit our website for more information and to download a fully functional copy of Source Catchments, with the first 12-month licence fee waived.

Online training now available
eWater is pleased to offer a new online training session. If you need an introduction with opportunities to interact, why not register your interest. Face to face training is also available. For more information go to the Source Catchments training page.

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