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Feature — 1 March 2011
Urban Developer – a new tool for
water-sensitive urban design
 Enable images to view eWater CRC has released Urban Developer, a new tool to support Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM). The software allows users to plan and assess how a system based on water-sensitive design principles will operate.
This next generation software tool—available now in a free beta version—incorporates all urban water cycle services (stormwater, wastewater, potable water and re-use) within a single framework.

Urban Developer allows urban water managers to compare options for IUWM, ranging in scale from the allotment to the suburb.

Around Australia and internationally, integrated water service delivery strategies have been shown to offer greater resource efficiency, reduced environmental impacts, extended asset life and—importantly—increased water supply security.

The software lets users explore questions such as, what is the best balance between reticulated water and alternative supplies—including rainwater tanks
or third pipe systems—to give the best outcome. Water managers can examine these options with respect to water security and hydrological impacts, while understanding their effects on ecological sustainability.

The Urban Developer modelling framework is equally applicable to brown and greenfield sites and can simulate demand and supply interactions at sub-daily time scales, and deal with catchment rainfall-runoff responses at a range
of scales.

The program allows the user to alter factors affecting individual blocks and streets and visualise how this will impact at the suburb scale. It highlights the potential interactions of water supplies from reservoirs, stormwater, rainwater tanks and wastewater.

No other software for urban water management allows such consistent, and detailed, evaluation of integrated urban water management options.

With a focus on water quantity and the total water cycle, Urban Developer complements eWater’s popular product, music, which is designed for stormwater quality management.

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