eWater Source Access and Pricing Policy

Effective 1 July 2017

eWater continues to maintain a free Public version of Source to facilitate research and teaching of Catchment and Water System Modelling to support IWRM.  However additional restrictions on functionality have been introduced as detailed below:

  • Limited Node palette (i.e. not all nodes are available)
  • Limited to 20 Nodes
  • Simple Function editor
  • Simple Calibration tool (limited to 1 objective function and 1 calibration engine)
  • Plug-in capabilities but specific Plugins will be available separately via the Plugin Store
  • Basic IT/Installation support included

Download eWater Source (Public)

Modular Packages have been introduced to allow you to tailor Source to meet your specific needs, starting with an affordable entry level price of AUD$3,000 up to a maximum of AUD$8,000 for all modules.

  • Source Hydrology Catchments - $3,000 (add Water Quality for additional $1,000) + GST
  • Source Water Resources Planning with Water Quality and Ground Water - $3,000 + GST
  • Resource Assessment and Operations Module - $3,000 + GST
  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface Features - $3,000 +GST
  • Optimisation Tools - $1,000 + GST

The maximum price is capped at $8,000 + GST for all packages.  Note that Australian GST at 10% is not applicable for international users.  

This new pricing packages does not affect arrangements where eWater is supporting transboundary and regional river basin organisations through Australian development programs.

Prices are for a perpetual single computer soft lock licence that includes 12 months basic support. We also offer network and multiple user licences and extended technical support packages. For more information please contact us at sales@ewater.org.au or 1300 5 WATER.

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