Customising eWater Source


This three-day course demonstrates how to customise Source through the development of plugins. Participants are introduced to eWater’s software development process, and through hands-on exercises develop an understanding of how TIME libraries can be used to support plugin development. Those with some inclination to code will be able to write their own custom plugin by the end of the course.

Fundamental to the design of Source is its flexibility, making it readily customisable and easy to update as new science becomes available. New capabilities can be incorporated via these plugins while maintaining the overarching nationally consistent decision and policy framework.

The course will be conducted in a workshop format, and will allow attendees to:

  • learn the fundamentals of OO software development;
  • understand and implement the process of writing a basic plugin for Source; and
  • discuss and work on your own concept for a custom plugin with help from a Source expert / developer

Course content

Optional 3 hour session on day one:

This is specifically for attendees who would like assistance with the following, attendance is optional:

  1. Setting up source code using Mercurial (Hg)
  2. Introduction to C# and the Visual Studio development environment

Course topics:

  1. Simple plug-in example: Expression editor custom functions
  2. What's possible with plug-ins demonstration
  3. Building a custom scenario tool
  4. Build a plug-in model (Rainfall Runoff model)
  5. Adding persistence (loading and saving)
  6. Core Source software development process
  7. Scripting the external interface (with the command line).


Geoff Davis
Executive Manager Software Development

Who should attend

Source software modellers, developers and hydrologists, including all engineering and environmental professionals in local, state and federal government, consultancies and waterway and catchment management agencies.

What’s included?

  • Training materials containing: user manual (online and downloadable), presentation notes and worked examples
  • Meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
  • Use of Source software for the duration of the course, and computer monitors only

What's required?

  • Your own laptop with the minimum specifications and display settings to ensure you have optimal response and accurate results during the training session
  • Source code using Mercurial (Hg) – details after registration
  • Visual Studio 2010 / 2012 / 2013 installed:
    – Full version (30-day trial) available from ReSharper
    – Free version available from Microsoft 
  • Basic knowledge of the Source software
  • Remember to come prepared with a concept for a custom plugin

Locations, dates & registration

Please enquire

Additional training

Introductory webcast: 

To help you get more out of Source for your modelling projects, we also offer customised courses. Please send us an enquiry.

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