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The AUSRIVAS online training course is offered twice a year by the University of Canberra. The course 
covers skills and knowledge required for assessing river health using AUSRIVAS methods. Those who complete its
requirements successfully are eligible for accreditation from the relevant State or Territory agency.

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Course Calendar



MUSIC Fundamentals, 12-13 July 2016, Melbourne

MUSIC Refresher, 13 July 2016, Melbourne

Source: Creating Water System Planning Models, 14-15 July 2016, Melbourne



MUSIC Fundamentals, 2-3 August 2016, Brisbane

MUSIC Refresher, 3 August 2016, Brisbane

MUSIC Fundamentals, 9-10 August 2016, Hobart

MUSIC Refresher, 10 August 2016, Hobart

Source: Advanced Calibration Methods, 22 August 2016, Canberra

Source: Advanced Demand Modelling, 23 August 2016, Canberra

MUSIC Fundamentals, 23-24 August 2016, Canberra

MUSIC Refresher, 24 August 2016, Canberra



MUSIC Fundamentals, 6-7 September 2016, Sydney

MUSIC Refresher, 7 September 2016, Sydney

Source: Building a Calibrated Rainfall-Runoff Model, 22-23 September 2016, Melbourne



MUSIC Fundamentals, 11-12 October 2016, Melbourne

MUSIC Refresher, 12 October 2016, Melbourne

Source: Refresher (New Functionality Overview), 19 October 2016, Canberra

Source: Working with the Results Manager, 20 October 216, Canberra



MUSIC Fundamentals, 15-16 November 2016, Brisbane

MUSIC Refresher, 16 November 2016, Brisbane

Source: Creating Water System Planning Models, 16-17 November 2016, Sydney



Source: Advanced Water Management, 12-31 December 2016, Sydney