2023 Hydrology and Water Resource Symposium

Engineer Australia’s 2023 Hydrology and Water Resource Symposium

Author: Samira Azadi, Hydrologist, eWater Group

eWater Solutions hydrologist, Samira Azadi, represented eWater Group at Engineer Australia’s 2023 Hydrology and Water Resource Symposium in Sydney recently and provide an insight into her attendance.

Engineers Australia recently hosted the 2023 Hydrology and Water Resource Symposium in Sydney which was a fantastic opportunity to engage and connect with fellow industry experts on a wide range of theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of hydrology and water resources.

The symposium provided me the opportunity to hear firsthand from some of our user community and partners on their real-world application of eWater Source or eWater MUSIC.

I was also able to hear from key leaders in the hydrology industry on the challenges and proposed solutions, particularly in the context of climate change and flood control. Notably, there were engaging presentations on the application of artificial intelligence in hydrological issues, revealing intriguing results.

An aspect of the symposium I really liked was the recognition and appreciation extended to several distinguished individuals in the field of hydrology, including Dr. Allen Goyen, Dr. Geoff O Loughlin, and Dr. Francis Chiew, who have dedicated themselves with high motivation to the field of hydrology in Australia for many years.

Hearing firsthand from several distinguished experts and learning about the significant amount of effort, time, and energy they have invested in the scientific and practical progress of hydrology in Australia, is not only essential but also highly inspiring for early career professionals like me.

Considering that Australia features a diverse climate and abundant natural resources, it becomes imperative that we continue to be led by proficient and experienced individuals across various realms of management, science, and practice, particularly in the domain of hydrology.

The Hydrology and Water Resource Symposium provided an opportunity to reconnect with old colleagues and forge new connections with experts in various fields, ranging from hydrology and hydraulics to urban water management, flood control, and climate change. One of the highlights for me was the amount of research conducted using eWater Source and eWater MUSIC software. This underscored the potential of these software tools for use in research and practical projects in Australia.

The discussions and questions that followed the presentations contributed to a deeper understanding of user needs across different fields, offering the eWater team valuable insights for designing and planning the future software enhancement path.