CRC Heritage

The eWater CRC contract between the Commonwealth, the CRC partners and eWater Ltd completed in June 2012.

eWater CRC (1995-2012) developed a range of next generation products, support and training designed to meet the needs of Australian governments, agencies, authorities and the broader water industry for the foreseeable future.

eWater CRC aimed to be a national and international leader in the development and application of uniquely Australian products for truly integrated water cycle management. The work of the CRC advanced the leading edge of water management tools and applications in Australia in support of the National Hydrological Modelling Strategy.

The eWater product portfolio resulted from a partnership between the knowledge of leading scientists in the Australian water sector with the practical experience of frontline water managers from Government and Industry.

eWater's products are designed for:

  • Integrated catchment management
  • Complete river system management
  • Stormwater quality modelling
  • Urban water management
  • Ecological response management

Our approach was to provide commercial tools and professional software, support, training and maintenance services through our commercial software arm eWater Innovation, backed by  advice from leading experts in hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and ecology through the eWater parent. 

eWater was governed and managed by eWater Limited (ACN 115 422 903), a company established by the eWater CRC participants, with an independent, skills-based board.

eWater CRC worked with partner organisations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.The eWater Participants' Forum, comprised representatives of the CRC's 41 participant organisations and formed the basis of collaboration in the development and testing of eWater products.

Thank you

eWater CRC and its predecessor CRCs have succeeded thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication, expertise and hard work of staff, drawn from many different partners, disciplines and states. Active and open collaboration has helped address a vital missing link in Australia’s water management strategy. This important work has blended the best hydrological and ecological knowledge from inside and outside the CRCs, and integrated this into a new national eco-hydrological modelling system.

Professor Jones thanked eWater’s partners, both research and industry, for their collaboration and support in developing and, trialling new products. "This real world input has been vital to proving the value and benefits that come from products which have developed to meet demanding Australian conditions," he said.

A commemorative book was produced to recognise 20 years of CRC achievement.

View the commemorative book online

eWater CRC History

eWater CRC was established in July 2005, the result of a merger between two former Cooperative Research Centres - the CRC for Catchment Hydrology and the CRC for Freshwater Ecology - and a number of other water-focused organisations.


The CRC for Catchment Hydrology (1992-2005) and CRC for Freshwater Ecology (1993-2005) focused on hydrological modelling for catchments, and on improving the ecological condition of Australia's inland waters. Their stories are told in their archive websites (see links below).

Among the valuable outcomes of CRC for Catchment Hydrology was the Catchment Modelling Toolkit, which eWater CRC now manages and supports.

The CRC for Freshwater Ecology was instrumental in building recognition of the importance of river ecosystems being in healthy condition for the future of Australian water supplies and aquatic biodiversity.

Archived websites

Vale Professor Peter Cullen

The late Professor Peter Cullen AO FTSE (1943-2008) helped establish the CRC for Freshwater Ecology in 1992-1993, and he led it as its Chief Executive until mid 2002. Peter was well-known to many Australians as a clear-thinking and direct-speaking person whose influence helped raise awareness of water issues and drive Australian sustainable water policy initiatives, from the 1990s right up until his death in March 2008.

Article: Remembering Peter Cullen, H2O Thinking, Winter Issue 2008

Peter Cullen Post Graduate Scholarship

The NSW Government offers a postgraduate scholarship in honour of the late Professor Peter Cullen AO FTSE.

More information about the scholarship is available from the following site: