eWater Limited | Evolving Water Management


Our Purpose

eWater is one of two distinct, fully controlled and unincorporated businesses under the strategic governance and oversight of the eWater Limited (eWL) corporate board. The second is the Australian Water Partnership, which is an initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and is managed by eWater.

eWater is responsible for the operational delivery of the eWater software and modelling business incorporating the products and services relating to Source, Toolkit and MUSIC+, and the administration and fulfilment of current and future eWater business consistent with the eWL Strategic Plan and as set out in the eWater Annual Operational Plan and Budget approved by the eWL Board.

To ensure probity and transparency for work undertaken by eWater, for the Australian Water Partnership, eWate is registered as a partner in AWP and adheres to the same processes of submission, review and procurement as all other AWP partners. 

Our Board Committee

eWater is operationally governed by a Board Committee, established under the provisions of the eWater Ltd constitution (cl. 36.1a). The role of the Board Committee is to assist the eWL Board in the discharge of its responsibility to exercise due care and diligence in relation to the operational governance, business performance, financial reporting, legal and regulatory compliance and matters of risk specifically related to eWater.

Murray Rankin
Chair, eWater Solutions Board Committee

David Dreverman
Executive Director

Our Executive

The eWater Executive is responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of the eWater software and modelling business.

Dr Robert Carr
Chief Executive


Dr Ashis Dey
Executive Manager eWater Software Products

Dr Geoffrey Adams
Executive Manager Source and Toolkit

Geoff Davis
Executive Manager Software Development

Dr Carl Daamen
Principal Hydrologist

Stephen Cory
Corporate Services Manager

Our Staff

Kuan Bartel
Software Developer

Trudy Green
Partnerships and Communications Manager

David Hehir
Software Developer

Juanita Moolman
Senior Hydrologist

James Naughton
Sales and Support Officer

Felicity Paul
Office Manager / EA

Praveeni Prematilleke
Automation Tester

Karina Redpath
Senior Hydrologist

Tom Roberts
Senior Software Developer

Jason Smith
Software Developer

Jo Smith
Finance Assistant

Mukta Sapkota
Urban Hydrologist

Aaron Taylor
IT Support Officer

Marcus Tessema
Software Developer

Dr Jin Wang
Senior Hydrologist