Carl Daamen

Dr Carl Daamen
Principal Hydrologist

Education  BSc, BScHons, PhD (Env. Physics)

1993  Doctor of Philosophy, University of Reading, England  
1985  Postgrad Dipl. Hydrology, University of New South Wales, Australia  
1984  B.Sc. Hons (First Class), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand  
1982  B.Sc., Physics, Canterbury University, New Zealand    


New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology:  Postdoctoral Research Award 1996 

Carl is a Principal Hydrologist with eWater applying the Source river basin and catchment modelling platform in projects both within Australia and in Asia.  In addition he runs training programs for new users of Source.

Carl has 30 years of experience developing and applying numerical models to irrigation, vegetation water use, groundwater management and catchment water balance.  He has held roles as a researcher, project manager, team leader and trainer in these areas and in the application of numerical modelling tools.  He has considerable experience managing and contributing to integrated water resource management projects and investigating groundwater management options.  

Carl has a particular interest in international development projects and has lived and worked in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Tanzania and Niger.

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