Rachel Blakers

Rachel Blakers
Senior Hydrologist

Education  BSc(Hons) ComptlSc

(Ongoing)  Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University, Australia
2006  Bsc (Hons), Australian National University, Australia

Rachel joined the eWater team in 2014 as a hydrological modeller and contributes to the development of eWater Source, the national hydrological modelling platform. She also instructs in the use of Source and associated tools for water resources modelling and management.

Rachel has a broad background in numerical modelling. She has developed this through her undergraduate degree, majoring in mathematics and computing, and professional experience as a numerical modeller in a range of fields. Through her PhD research, Rachel has specialised in the areas of surface water and groundwater modelling with a focus on inter-disciplinary projects and decision support. Rachel also has experience in teaching and training.

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