Source Proficiency & Certification

As part of our eWater Academy, we are enhancing our Source training packages to provide a structured pathway to certification in Source Modelling for Industry, Governments and Development Partners.   From July 2019, we are launching five tiers of training which will lead to certification in the use and customization of Source, Australia’s National Hydrological Modelling System.

  •      Fundamentals in Source Hydrological Modelling
  •      Advanced Topics in Source Hydrological Modelling
  •      Source Catchment and Water Quality Modelling Specialist
  •      Source Modelling to support Water Resources Assessments and Water Sharing Planning
  •     Source Customisation Specialist (for ICT Professionals)

This new tiered structure is a step towards establishing a certification scheme that formally recognises proficiency in using Source. We are partnering with accrediting bodies and leading academic institutes to develop modules that will lead to a formal certificate in Water Resources and Catchment Modelling.   Why are we doing this?   Water managers rely on reliable, repeatable and robust hydrological models. They need to be confident that models are being built and applied to an appropriate standard.   In March 2019, the COAG National Water Reform Committee endorsed continued support for the National Hydrological Modelling Strategy (NHMS) and in June 2019, the signatories to the National Collaboration Framework agreed to continue funding of eWater Source as the National Hydrological Modelling Platform. With Source projected for full adoption by most State Governments and the Murray-Darling River Basin Authority (MDBA) within the next two years, the time is right for Industry to skill up in Source to meet the demand for Source modelling expertise. In response to a call from our Government and Agency Partners, eWater is providing a pathway to skills development, so that competent Source users can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to develop and apply Source models to the standards required.   By completing the suite of training products, Source users will be able to demonstrate they have the right knowledge and skills to do the job.  

What’s changing?
There will be minimal changes to our popular Source Fundamental training courses. We will continue to run a limited number of Fundamentals courses in capital cities and in our new training centre in Canberra Upcoming training   We currently run our advanced or customised training on request from organisations. Under the new approach, we will now offer these programs more regularly, as a structured program of advanced and specialist courses in Source Hydrological Modelling. 

In addition to the current Certificate of Attendance, on completion of
any course, participants will be able to apply for a Certificate of
Proficiency in that aspect of Source modelling. Certification will give
assurance that the hydrologists has the skills and competency to build
reliable models.

Our new training courses are described below.

Introducing the eWater Academy Training Centre

We have recently established the eWater Academy Training Centre in our
Canberra office. This will be the hub for our new training program,
especially the advanced courses. Being in Canberra, also has the
advantage of giving participants greater access to eWater’s Source
modelling expertise and to Canberra’s well-established Source community.