Publication (Book): Fish and Rivers in Stress: The NSW Rivers Survey
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Publication Name:Fish and Rivers in Stress: The NSW Rivers Survey

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NSW Fisheries and the CRC for Freshwater Ecology (1997) Fish and Rivers in Stress: The NSW Rivers Survey.

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Fish and Rivers in Stress: The NSW Rivers Survey

Published in 1997 and quickly out of print, the NSW Rivers Survey was a collaborative project between NSW Fisheries and the CRC for Freshwater Ecology, with substantial support also provided by the NSW Resources and Conservation Assessment Council and the NSW Department of State Development. The survey had five specific objectives:
  • study the distribution, diversity and abundance of the nativie fish of NSW
  • determine the abundance, distribution and habitat use of carp and other alien species in NSW rivers
  • develop understanding of the ecological effects of river regulation, and establish hypotheses for further study of environmental streamflows
  • establish and test a standardised predictive model for monitoring river health using fish community assessment
  • establish a standardised survey structure for use in other studies.

The entire report makes up a large pdf file, so has been separated into chunks. By clicking on the chapter titles listed at the start of the file called `Contents, overview.pdf', you should be able to jump to each chapter in turn in the other files.
The pdf files for chapters 3,4 and 7,8 are 1.1 Mb in size.
The pdf file for chapters 5,6 is 700 kb; for chapters 1,2 is 500 kb; and for chapters 9,10 is 370 kb. Appendixes and contents files are less than 100 kb in size.

Book editors: Harris JH and Gehrke PC

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