Hornsby Total Water Cycle Management Study

Hornsby Shire is located on the northern fringe of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Most of Hornsby Shire drains to the north into the Berowra Creek, Cowan Creek and Hawkesbury River estuaries. More than two-thirds of Hornsby Shire is forested and the freshwater and estuarine environments are generally in very good condition. The waterways and forests of the Shire are an important recreational resource. There is increasing pressure for development within Hornsby Shire, which could place pressure on these freshwater and estuarine environments.

Jacobs (formerly SKM) developed an interactive tool to help Hornsby Shire Council to manage and plan for development within the Shire. Jacobs (formerly SKM) developed, calibrated and customised a development version of Source specifically for Hornsby Shire.


The customised model can be used by the Council to predict and report on stream flows, pollutant concentrations and pollutant loads at many points across their catchments. Key model outcomes were integrated with a parallel model for investigating social and economic interactions with the water cycle. The model is being used by Hornsby Shire Council in their day to day activities of managing and monitoring the health of the catchments and waterways of their Shire.