Queensland Murray-Darling Committee

Demonstrating the return on investment of on ground works

The QMDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Penton said that Source provides the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee with an additional means of communicating to both government and landholders about the relative impact and effectiveness of investing in on ground works of differing types and scales.

“Our region’s Natural Resource Management Plan identifies targets for no further increase of in-stream nutrient and sediment loads and an improvement in riverine and soil health,” Geoff said.

“The Source modelling tool has allowed us to demonstrate the impact of actual and planned on ground activities against those targets by showing condition and trend under different management strategies.”

Geoff said that Source has provided a consistent mechanism for evaluating flows, loads and concentrates of contaminants, under scenarios that include actual or planned changes in land use, land management, climate variability and climate change.

“By demonstrating the impact of management actions on water quality, the Source modelling resulted in QDMC achieving State and Commonwealth Government acceptance of the modelled data as a surrogate for actual resource condition monitoring.”

QDMC also uses Source to support their communication activities with key stakeholders such as farmers and landcare groups.

“Source is the perfect way to demonstrate that an improvement in land management practices such as reducing grazing pressure or fencing off riparian zones, will lead to tangible reductions in soil and nutrient loss,” said Geoff.

“We can sit down with farmers and give them a demonstration of the various impacts of on ground works as well as identifying how much or how little they need to do to make a sustainable difference.”