Bundaberg Regional Council - music case study

“Stormwater plans should be designed for Bundaberg conditions, and music helps the council verify that the methodology is correct for Bundaberg.” – Adam Johnston, Senior Development Engineer

Adam Johnston is in the Sustainable Development Department of Bundaberg Regional Council. He uses music to check development applications for residential subdivisions.

Adam makes sure that water sensitive urban design solutions comply with the requirements of the various planning schemes and, when applicable, Queensland government’s planning policy on Healthy Waterways.  “I look at the stormwater plans, and make sure rainfall and evaporation figures are correct and that the stormwater quality meets best practice standards,” he says.

Bundaberg Regional Council follows Planning Scheme 5 for water quality targets for the former Burnett Shire, which applies to coastal conditions. 

“The Healthy Waterways guidelines are strict, and when they are approved will need to be applied to all urban development in Bundaberg,” Adam says.  “By using music, the council is provided with a tool that will confirm that water improvement targets are being met and that stormwater quality meets required standards.”

He finds music very easy to use compared to some other catchment models.  “With some training, music is user friendly. It’s easy for our staff to check if water quality models are appropriate.”

Adam also uses music to check water sensitive urban designs of some fairly large industrial developments and  says, “music is pretty much the standard model to use these days.”