Redland City Council MUSIC case study

"I receive an electronic copy of a proposal and plug it into music. I verify the conceptual design to see if it's right and meets stormwater quality standards. music helps developers justify their designs." - Peter Maslen, Team Leader Environmental Assessment at Redland City Council

Since Redland adjoins Moreton Bay Marine Park, it’s especially important for Redland City Council to achieve stormwater quality objectives. The Council uses music when evaluating designs of stormwater control systems submitted as part of development applications (DAs).

Peter Maslen, Team Leader Environmental Assessment at Redland City Council, primarily applies music when checking stormwater control systems associated with development applications. Council also uses music for council strategic planning and capital works projects.

“Music simplifies the whole design process of stormwater systems,” says Peter. “It speeds up the whole process – both for the people submitting designs and for us who check them. Economically speaking, the time saving itself is a real benefit.”

Peter has worked in the industry for many years. Before music came along, stormwater design was more of an art than a science. Peter says “Without music it would be difficult to verify that submitted stormwater control systems will deliver what council wants to achieve.”

Music gives the council confidence that stormwater designs are accurate. Peter says “With music, council gets designs that are sized correctly. It gives us assurance.  The continuous music upgrades and better data bases make it more precise. Research is important to keep data accurate and get the facts right.”

Peter regards music as the most commonly used model for stormwater design, and it’s universally accepted. “For the last 5 or 6 years I haven’t seen developers using anything other than music in Queensland,” he says.

He finds the improved functionality of bioretention basins the best improvement in music version 4. “The newer version is also good for costing stormwater treatment systems.”