Storm Consulting music case study

Storm Consulting, Ashgrove Residential Estate, Regents Park, NSW

Winner, Stormwater Industry Association Award for Excellence in Stormwater Management, 2008

This development of a large area of former industrial land features an award-winning stormwater management plan that successfully addresses significant constraints in relation to the stormwater system.

These constraints included exposure to flooding where the stormwater treatment couldn’t exceed a certain flow rate coming from the site, and quantities were set to peak flow rates. The stormwater treatment system as well as the stormwater harvesting approach also had to meet stringent water quality objectives. Adding to the complications, the stormwater system had to be located underground to make room for a community space area that was required as part of the development structure.

Storm Consulting used Music in this combined stormwater project to resolve the issues of flooding, water quality and the required public open space. It was also used to assist with the design of a feasible centralised stormwater harvesting scheme.