VDM Group: music case study

music is good value and makes it easy to demonstrate compliance with the water quality objectives of councils or regulatory authorities, and compare the effectiveness of different treatment systems.”
Steven Chamberlain, Environmental Engineer, VDM Group, Queensland

VDM Group, Genesis Development, Coomera, Queensland

Water Sensitive Urban Design - Major Award Winner 2006, Stormwater Industry Association, Queensland

The award-winning Genesis Development is regarded as one of the most significant projects of its kind in Queensland.

Steven Chamberlain, Environmental Engineer for the VDM Group said that the whole development, which comprises 800 allotments, was master planned to incorporate every possible environmental feature and water quality conservation objective in one major development.

‘The Environmental Division at the VDM Group prepared the stormwater management and treatment concept, designed and supervised construction of the wetlands, naturalised channel, swales and bioretention areas,’ Steven said.
‘We used music to assist with the development of the stormwater management plan’.

The VDM Group is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specialising in environmental engineering, ecological assessment and integrated water cycle management. The VDM Group is committed to the pursuit of sustainable development through innovative environmental design and is recognised as a leader in Water Sensitive Urban Design in Queensland.

Steven Chamberlain, an environmental engineer with VDM Group says that a key challenge is to produce stormwater management plans that demonstrate the runoff from a development site meets the required load base reduction targets of pollutants as well as water quality objectives.

‘We use music to simulate and model runoff from a site as it is easy to set up and model stormwater treatment systems and run scenarios, then develop the optimum stormwater treatment system,’ he said.
‘music gives us an accurate indication of the effectiveness of different stormwater treatment options.’