Wollongong City Council - music case study

Wollongong City Council uses Music when assessing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) development applications (DAs). Some developments have more than 20 dwellings and occupy at least 5000 sqm.

Suri Mora (Environmental Assessment Officer) and Andrew Thomas (Stormwater Officer) at the council’s Environmental Planning and Strategy Division use music and other water quality modelling tools to assess the stormwater quality aspects of proposed developments. When assessing the environmental impacts of large developments and subdivisions, music helps to assess the stormwater aspect.

Suri said “If the applicant has incorporated stormwater quality information by using (music) modelling, it is easy to plan for life cycle costing and annual maintenance cost.” 

music is a useful tool for planning and maintenance of parks and play grounds, and allows a rough idea of costs involved in maintaining stormwater infrastructure to be calculated.

The use of music modelling will be particularly important for assessment of developments in the large scale West Dapto urban development that is due to occur in the southern part of the Wollongong LGA over the next 20 to 30 years. 

Wollongong City Council strives to keep water quality at high levels, and wants to achieve the same or improvement in water quality after development of subdivisions as before.  They are seeking the most efficient stormwater treatment and best Water Sensitive Urban Designs to maintain stormwater quality.