Hydrological model of the Onkaparinga Catchment: Calibration report

The report outlines the methodology used for construction and calibration of a hydrological model of the Onkaparinga River catchment in eWater Source.

The work was undertaken as part of:

1. South Australia’s commitment to the National Hydrological Modelling Program (NHMP) agreement to build a catchment model in Source, and

2. the Goyder Institute project 'Integrated catchment water planning support for Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Water Allocation'.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Using newly developed and improved plug-ins in the eWater Source modelling platform, this project was able to build and calibrate a rainfall runoff model of the Onkaparinga catchment located in the Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia.

Calibration report

Hydrological model of the Onkaparinga Catchment Calibration report (PDF 4.75mb)

Organisations involved

More information

Kumar Savadamuthu
Principal Hydrologist, Science Unit
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources


The model outputs are incorporated into the Integrated Catchment Water Planning Support System tool that CSIRO are currently finalising. The tool uses the demand and supply at a sub-catchment scale simulated by the Source model and incorporates ecological targets to inform a risk assessment framework. Mark Alcorn, the author, put in a lot of time setting up the model in this relatively new platform, especially in the development and application of the farm dam plugin, so the department and other future users of the Onkaparinga model can now reap the benefits of his efforts.