About our community

The eWater Community provides access to a breadth of resources and expertise to help you use eWater software in an integrated water management context.

The online eWater Community is intended to provide ways for you to expand your skills and keep abreast of developments in the water sector, particularly for those interested in modelling methods, management and presentation. It also provides opportunities for you to augment the Source software - such as creating plugins -and to influence the further development of Source and supporting documentation.

Why join the Community?


The community provides a vehicle for everyone, from novice to experts, to share research and analysis, connect to other practitioners, researchers and policy makers, and develop and develop best practice modelling approaches.


The online community provides immediate access to information on a range of modelling topics and supports the work we do for water modellers including events, webinars, projects, and training. We understand that as professionals you are busy and need to access information and advice in a format that is available on demand, from a range of high quality sources and which can be consumed in a timely manner.


Through the community you can access the customisable elements of Source, from information on custom functions, through to community plugins, help writing your own plugins and access to the TIME Library and ultimately join our accredited developer community who have access to the C# .NET source code*.

Open communities are available for modellers who want to collaborate, communicate and share resources related to eWater software products.

Membership grants you exclusive access to high quality resources and a more personal and relevant experience with eWater. This includes elements such as:

  • Building and sharing community plugins
  • Introductory Source training material
  • Online support forums
  • Opportunity to participate in member-based open source software development
  • Online collaboration spaces
  • Access to all user guides, technical references and over 200 eWater publications
  • Best Practice Modelling Guidelines
  • Dynamic, living case studies 

Exclusive communities will be available to project teams, and eWater workshop and seminar attendees. These special purpose communities enhance the online eWater Community by:

  • providing access to course materials and presentations
  • extending learning beyond the life of the event through resources and follow up activities
  • communicating with presenters and other attendees allowing collaboration and sharing of ideas 
*Subject to additional terms and conditions.

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For more information:

T: 1300 5 WATER (toll free in Aus) or +61 2 6206 8637
E: [email protected]
User forum: forum.ewater.com.au