David Dreverman steps down as Director, eWater Limited Board

David Dreverman steps down as Director, eWater Limited Board, after 15 years of service and support to eWater Group.

eWater Limited Board Independent Director David Dreverman announced today at the Annual General Meeting his decision to step down after 15 years of service and support to eWater and its goals.

eWater Group and the eWater Limited Board commended David for his sound advice and support – from eWater’s early beginnings as a Cooperative Research Centre to the Australian and world-leading organisation that it is today.

David brought more than 40 years of experience and understanding of the water sector in Australia and internationally to the eWater Limited Board and the wider organisation, including an Executive Director of River Management at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, and the Murray Darling Basin Commission.

Prior to these roles, David worked as a consultant in the engineering industry; with SMEC, Hydro Electric Commission, Tasmania and Australian Power and Water.

Michael Wilson, Group CEO, eWater Group, said, “David’s contribution to ensuring better and more sustainable and equitable water management outcomes in Australia – and his contribution to eWater in particular – has been extraordinary.

“It has been a privilege to have had the benefit of David’s wisdom and counsel for so long, and the legacy he leaves to eWater Group’s Australian and international work is immeasurable.

“We thank David for his energy, diligence, and all-embracing passion for water management across the globe.”

Greg Claydon PSM, Chair, eWater Limited Board, said, “I wish to acknowledge David’s wonderful contribution to eWater, and indeed water resource management in Australia and internationally, over many years. I thank him very much for his wise counsel, deep knowledge, and very helpful insights, always aimed at achieving better outcomes.”

Who are we?

eWater Group is owned by the Australian Federal, State and Territory governments to further develop Australia’s world-class modelling tools and to provide support and training nationwide and internationally.

Our organisation is comprised of three divisions – eWater Solutions, the Australian Water Partnership and the Mekong Water Solutions to deliver water management solutions for communities in Australia and overseas.

We also partner with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and research groups and institutions to provide expertise and support for sustainable water management solutions in Australia and internationally, now and into the future.