International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary people and their successes in science and technology.

Today is also recognition of the need for everyone across all sectors to join together to break down barriers to support the continued success of this current, and the next generation, of girls and women in science and technology for the benefit of all.

eWater Group is a diverse workforce. Our people have years, decades of experience from a various range of industries, including science and technology, academia, public policy, and more – with a central focus of finding sustainable water management solutions in Australia and internationally.

We are incredibly proud of our people and have profiled their extraordinary experience over the last several months, follow this link to read the profiles:

Our people represent a diversity of skills and experience across all sectors of government and private sectors.

Through eWater Solutions, we deliver a range of science and technology programs such as Australia’s National Hydrological Platform, eWater Source™, as well as eWater MUSIC™ which is Australia’s leading urban water sensitive platform, used by councils, governments, and water experts in Australia and globally.

Though the Australian Water Partnership, we work with more than 240 Australian partners to support sustainable and climate-resilient water resource management through skills and knowledge in response to demands from stakeholders across South Asia, the Mekong region, and the Pacific.

We recognise the importance of International Day of Women and Girls in Science and continue our efforts to support and celebrate the achievement of girls and women and need to continue the fight to break down barriers.