Meet Dr. Jin Wang, Senior Hydrologist

The people who represent our organisation are exceptional. They bring years – in many cases decades – of experience from a diverse range of industries, including science and technology, academia, public policy, project management, sales, and more. Our workforce is world-class experts and leaders in their respective fields.

We are an organisation dedicated to delivering water management expertise and tools in Australia and internationally through our three divisions – the Australian Water Partnership, eWater Solutions, and Mekong Water Solutions.

Introducing Dr. Jin Wang, who has been working as our Senior Hydrologist for the past five years and counting, plus two decades of experience in the industry.

Jin, who works within the eWater Solutions teams, brings an enormous amount of experience to our organisation, including four degrees (B.Eng., M.Eng., M.Sc., and Ph.D.) in Hydrology and Water Resources from institutions within Australia, Ireland, and China.

Dr. Wang’s doctoral research revolved around the development of a computer-based spatial decision support system for flood forecasting and warning.

In addition to his pursuit of higher education, Jin also worked at the University of Melbourne, consulting firm GHD and the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water. It is this industry experience, coupled with his education, that has actively contributed to the advancement of his hydrological knowledge and practices.  

His love for hydrology was spurred by a serendipitous incident where he encountered his cousin, who inspired Jin with his interest in hydrology and water engineering, leading Jin to change his university application and apply for water engineering instead of a career in medicine. This decision was reaffirmed soon after when his father encountered challenges when a geologist failed to detect a concealed sandy layer at a dam closure site, which led to an accelerated flow and subsequent difficulties for hydrologists in managing the flow velocity at the narrow closure site. This served as an indelible inspiration, propelling Jin to pursue a comprehensive academic exploration of hydrology and geology.

“I believe that these disciplines would equip me with the requisite skills to address and mitigate such critical issues effectively. The immense gratitude I harbour for this serendipitous path is surpassed only by the profound satisfaction and fulfillment I derive from the continuous study and professional engagement within this fascinating field.”

It is Jin’s profound proficiency in hydrological and stormwater analysis, water resource management, dam design, hydraulic models, and more, that led to joining eWater Group.

“eWater is an excellent organisation for pursuing my career interests. Its primary objective is to establish and disseminate Australia’s world-class modelling tools while concurrently offering expertise and a community of practice to support their implementation both within Australia and globally.”

“Consequently, I can leverage my diverse skill set to address complex problems and provide support to fellow professionals in water modelling. The collaborative work environment at eWater, coupled with its associated modelling tools community, fosters a deeper comprehension of the application of our tools, and the opportunity to contribute to feature development enhances the overall allure of the work.”

It is commitment like Jin’s to sharing knowledge and expertise with his colleagues, our owners, and partners which enables eWater Group to be a leader in water management in Australia and internationally. Our people are central to maintaining and developing Australia’s internationally respected water modelling tools and provide support, program delivery, and training both in Australia and overseas.

Jin’s role as a senior Hydrologist sees him working on diverse projects and solving our clients’ water-related issues using our platforms, eWater Source and eWater MUSIC.

eWater Source

“As part of my role, I deliver technical support by applying hydrological principles and eWater software to address client issues, including effectively identifying, investigating, and resolving problems within the existing product. I also provide comprehensive guidance to support clients to use our products to tackle their water management challenges.”

“I find immense gratification in integrating my expertise in hydrology, GIS, and computer science to contribute to the advancement of the eWater Source application and facilitate feature development.

“Through the collaborative application of specialised knowledge, services, and unwavering support, I am humbled by the opportunity to address complex challenges and offer innovative solutions. This pursuit of excellence not only fuels my professional growth but also underscores the meaningful impact of my contributions to shaping the hydrological landscape.”

Dr. Wang is part of a dedicated group of hydrologists and software developers, and the wider organisation, who work diligently to support our owners, partners and the water management sector with tools, knowledge, and expertise to find solutions to many of the challenges facing our environment and the impact of climate change, in Australia and internationally.

We face many challenges ahead of us. According to Dr. Wang, how we address these challenges in water modelling must include “integrating with other existing models (e.g., groundwater models) and providing capacities to consider future development in the relevant disciplines such as climate change and environmental accounts.”

It is this experience and understanding which helps eWater Group provide expert knowledge and understanding of water resource management to the Australian Government, State and Territory Governments, our Australian and international partners, as well as leading water experts and leaders.

Who are we?

eWater Group is owned by the Australian Federal, State and Territory governments to further develop Australia’s world-class modelling tools and to provide support and training nationwide and internationally.

Our organisation is comprised of three divisions – eWater Solutions, the Australian Water Partnership and the Mekong Water Solutions to deliver water management solutions for communities in Australia and overseas.

We also partner with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and research groups and institutions to provide expertise and support for sustainable water management solutions in Australia and internationally, now and into the future.