Meet Our People at eWater – Mukta Sapkota, Urban Hydrologist

Why is urban hydrology so important? Why do we need to care? And what does an urban hydrologist do exactly? All good questions to a complex and vital industry, particularly in Australia and its diverse weather and climate.

At the eWater Group, we have a broad skillset. We are made up of hydrologists, software developers, water industry experts and innovators. We are diverse, experienced, and most importantly we have a strong heritage of supporting sustainable water management.

Mukta Sapkota is one of our resident Urban Hydrologists, who has been working at the eWater Group for nearly four years, together with more than 10 years’ experience in urban water systems and hydrology in Australia and overseas.

At eWater…

Mukta provides specialist technical support to eWater Source, MUSIC, and Urban Developer software users.

“As part of my role, I provide specialist technical support to eWater software users and assist in the delivery of various water projects and training courses. I also test and document the specification of the new and existing functionality of eWater software, and am involved in the development of business development proposals and participate in project applications.”

For Mukta, not one day is the same. “One minute I am providing modelling support to a client, the next moment, I am into software hydro-testing, then documentation. I am very passionate about sustainable water management and thrilled to work at eWater that subscribes to the same vision. I always enjoy helping people learn and solve their problems.”

“My role at eWater provides a great opportunity to challenge myself and test my skills. I love the variety and wonderful things I am learning each day by supporting clients. I equally enjoy delivering training.

Sustainable water management approach

Countries around the world, including Australia, are facing increased pressure on water resources from growing populations, social and economic ambitions, increasing industrialization, demanding agriculture, and environmental flow needs. In addition to this, changing climate and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events have added extra pressure.

For Mukta, an integrated water planning approach that considers demand management, wastewater/ stormwater recycling/reuse, and water trade/transfer, is required to support resilience to climate change, the wider pressures of various demands, and environmental protection. Such a development of sustainable water management needs holistic modelling tools.

“eWater’s Source, integrated with Urban Developer and MUSICX, offers an integrated modelling platform to support water managers in modelling such complex water management problems and help in decision-making for sustainable water management.”

Supporting Women and Girls

The future of water resources and sustainability isn’t the only issue Mukta is passionate about – supporting women and girls in hydrology.

A sustainable workforce requires diversity. Giving women and girls opportunities to consider hydrology, or other STEM roles, starts with education and creating opportunities to go into these fields as adults, as well as breaking down the barriers for current female hydrologists in the industry.

“I believe we need more women and girls in hydrology to maintain gender diversity for creating a healthy work environment at workplaces. We also need more women in higher management to foster gender equality and put forth women in leadership to ensure this principle is implemented.”

Mukta is just one great example of women, in both Australia and internationally, being supported to pursue and thrive in STEM careers, and eWater is excited to have her as part of our team.