Meet our people – Kuan Bartel

When you think of a software developer, what comes to mind? Do you think of someone who develops water modelling software platforms? Or maybe someone who designs and creates tools and resources that help contribute to protecting our most precious resource, water? You would be right!

At eWater Group, we have a broad skillset. We are made up of hydrologists, software developers, water industry experts and innovators. We are diverse, experienced, and most importantly we have a strong heritage of supporting sustainable water management.

Kuan Bartel, Senior Software Developer

Kuan Bartel is our Senior Software Developer. He works alongside an incredible team of software developers, thinkers, creatives; people who are dedicated to delivering software of national importance that contributes to the sustainable management of our water resources.

Kuan contributes to the development and maintenance of the eWater Source water modelling software platform and other related tools and systems. This software is an integral part of the National Hydrological Modelling Platform as outlined by the National Hydrological Modelling Strategy for the modelling of surface water in Australia.

It is also the base for modelling tools developed for urban water modelling used by water utilities and municipal councils around the country.

The software developed at eWater is significantly more complex than standard software and requires developers to have a wide range of knowledge and skills. This allows them to work on not only the mathematical modelling algorithms, but also the UI, database, file formats, web services, and a plethora of tools and systems needed for the development, building, and providing access to, our software and services. There is always more which needs to be done.”

Working at eWater for the past seven years, in addition to his 18 years within the industry, has enabled Kuan to deliver incredible work for our partners and customers at all levels of Australian governments, together with local councils and consultants throughout the country.

“I enjoy working with both the concepts within the domain space and the algorithms needed for the water modelling which can be both interesting and challenging to conceptualise and develop within the software.”

I’ve always been interested in sustainability and the environment. Prior to working at eWater, I was working at a research institute in Japan developing scientific software for undertaking Life Cycle Analysis of products and services. I had also done some post graduate studies in Environmental Management, which included some modelling of complex systems.”

“With my interests and experience, eWater is a good fit for me. A place where I could feel that my work would be valued and would make a difference.”