Meet Our People – Praveeni Prematilleke

How we contribute to sustainable water management can come in many shapes and sizes, but what is consistent is our commitment to protecting our most precious resource, water.

eWater Group is made up of hydrologists, software developers, water industry experts and innovators. We are diverse, experienced, and most importantly we have a strong heritage of supporting sustainable water management.

Praveeni Prematilleke is our Senior Test Analyst who works with our developers and hydrologists to ensure we deliver quality software, functionality and an exceptional user experience for all Australian governments and other clients. She offers our partners and clients, together with our team, the support they need to make the right decisions when it comes to sustainable water management, which includes delivering eWater Source, the National Hydrological Modelling Platform.

Praveeni Prematilleke, Senior Test Analyst

After obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications and Network) in 2014 from Swinburne University of Technology, and briefly working in the industry, Praveeni changed her sights on a career in testing.

“I decided to make a career change as I was interested in exploring software developing/quality assurance opportunities. I find my testing career gives me the perfect balance between coding and stakeholder interactions.”

What is your role at eWater Group?

After starting her testing career in 2015 as a Technical Tester, Praveeni made the move to Canberra and to eWater Group. Since joining in 2018, Praveeni has become an integral part of our eWater Solutions team, and of course the wider organisation for her contributions to software and water management.

“I’m a nature enthusiast and I was always a huge supporter for conserving natural resources. When I first heard about the opportunity at eWater, it made me curious to explore more about their mission and the range of software products managed by them.”

“It is truly satisfying to know that the software we implement at eWater is contributing to sustainable water management, something that would benefit the world in many ways.”

For a software tester, no two days are the same, especially when it comes to testing on complex applications like eWater Source.

“I love knowledge sharing with the developers and hydrologists as it helps me understand the user requirements and the technical aspects. It feels rewarding as I get the opportunity to work with these amazing people. I also enjoy playing a role where I can deliver a quality product which not only makes customers happy but also maintains customer credibility.”

How do we find solutions for sustainable management of water resources?

At eWater Group, our priority is to support the environmentally sustainable management of water resources in Australia and around the world, which includes finding solutions and adapting to changing environments and conditions.

Praveeni believes we can address this challenge by performing ‘stress testing’ on existing water models for extreme events to ensure they can operate in foreseeable circumstances and enable measures for timely implementation to secure water for critical human needs.

eWater’s mission to provide software development and hydrological modelling services is advancing Australia’s world-class water resources modelling tools, and our expertise, for our partners in Australia and around the world.

How do we support more diverse expertise in water management?

Our people are central to what we do here at eWater Group. Supporting and empowering our people to deliver sustainable water management solutions is critical to our success, and that includes creating opportunities.

“I believe we can empower women in information technology by providing equal opportunities for both technical and leadership roles, including mentoring and providing support to boost their confidence.”