Meet Sopheara Prom, Mekong Water Solutions

“Helping people have a better livelihood is at the heart of everything I do and want to do at Mekong Water Solutions.”

eWater Group is a unique organisation in the water sector. We are made up of hydrologists, software developers, water industry experts, innovators, program managers and everything in between. Our people are central to our mission to protect our most precious resource: water.

We are diverse, experienced and – most importantly – we all share a passion and commitment to supporting sustainable water management.

eWater Group manages three divisions – eWater Solutions, the Australian Water Partnership, and Mekong Water Solutions – with each division focused on a shared commitment to deliver water solutions and expertise to communities in Australia and internationally.

Mekong Water Solutions (MWS) primary focus is to provide sustainable and accessible water for people across the Mekong region through innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and with local knowledge at the heart of all we do. MWS delivers water projects in Cambodia that are funded by the Australian Government, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the Royal Cambodian Government.

Sopheara Prom is Mekong Water Solutions’ Finance and Procurement Manager and is responsible for the operation of finance systems and procedures for MWS and its people.

Sopheara has a critical role in MWS to ensure we maintain and protect our strong financial system so our specialised local staff can deliver quality water expertise in Cambodia.

“I joined MWS to be part of the solutions to help people in the region. I am excited to share and utilise my knowledge and skills that contribute to Mekong Water Solutions and its future growth.”

“My main inspiration as a finance and procurement manager is to provide clear communications on finance management and internal control systems to all staff and stakeholders.”

“I am excited to learn new things with MWS to improve and develop myself to be a more critical and effective leader for the organisation.”

With more than 10 years’ experience in the finance and administration sector, Sopheara is playing a key role in the success of MWS but her love for development is strong and helping others is something she wants to expand on into the future.  

“I want to share my efforts and heart in helping people to have better livelihoods in very remote or urban areas in Cambodia and extend that to other places in Asia and the world.”

Sopheara’s passion for improving the lives of people and their communities in Cambodia is shared by everyone across the organisation as the region continues to face many environmental challenges, including water sustainability, and scarcity.

One of the main challenges for those living along the Mekong River is their vulnerability to floods during the wet seasons and lack of water during the dry season. For Sopheara the right approach is all about being strategic.

“Irrigation systems and water management are very important to retain water in dry seasons and prevent serious flooding in the rainy season. I think MWS has the right strategy and method to provide thoughtful solutions to water management problems around the area that allow households along the Mekong and nearby provinces to access safe water and to sustain water usage year-round.”