Australia’s new National Eco-Hydrologic Modelling Platform

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Dr Robert Carr presents on Australia’s new National Eco-Hydrologic Modelling Platform - eWater Source

Date:        Wednesday , 8 February  2012
Time:        4.30 to 5.30 pm
Venue:     E1-08-25 SDWA Conference Room, National University of Singapore


eWater is an Australian government-industry and research joint venture, established to build, apply and support a modern integrated catchment and basin-scale urban, water resources and conjunctive use hydrological and ecological modelling system for Australia’s uniquely variable climate.  Through the domain knowledge associated with these core components, eWater also provides water policy, management and scientific advisory services to its government partners and to external clients including monitoring network and modelling approaches.

eWater's software development, modelling technologies and water management knowledge boost the ability of governments and organisations to make policy and management decisions that are sustainable, cost-effective, transparent, and scientifically defendable.  Because of Australia’s variable climate, eWater’s tools are uniquely equipped to facilitate management of complex catchment and urban systems under future uncertain climate regimes.

eWater Source ( is a next-generation, professionally supported integrated water resources modeling system. eWater’s on-line ‘Toolkit’ (, with ten thousand international members, is a 'one-stop shop' for water and catchment management utility tools.

Dr Robert Carr, Deputy CEO of eWater will present eWater’s unique eco-hydrological capability including Source.IMS and other eWater tools such as music and Urban Developer.

About speakers

Dr Robert Carr is an internationally experienced hydrologist and hydraulics engineer with direct regional experience in SE Asia and Singapore. He has led projects in:

•    Integrated Catchment Management
•    Floodplain Management and Flood Warning Systems
•    Water and Wastewater planning
•    Real-Time Control and Decision Support Systems
•    Climate Adaptation Studies

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