29 September 3.30 pm. Varying water levels of Canberra's lakes: effects on ecological function?

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Seminar, Tuesday 29 September, 3:30pm, University of Canberra, Building 6 floor C room 35. Dr Fiona Dyer will discuss early indications of ecological consequences of varying lake levels.

Not all water used in the ACT requires drinking quality water, and options for de-centralised supplies (such as stormwater use) have the potential to reduce the demand on potable supplies sourced from the Cotter and Googong river systems.

One option is the use of water from urban lakes and ponds to water public open spaces.

Canberra’s urban lakes and ponds play an important role in the management of the cities stormwater and our community’s recreational activities. It is important that any change to the water level regimes in the lakes and ponds will not result in a loss of functionality or value, features that are intrinsically linked to their ecological functioning.

This talk will outline eWater CRC's 'ACT focus catchment' research to predict the ecological consequences of changing water level regimes in the ACT’s Urban lakes and ponds.

All welcome.

Event Date: 29 September 2009
Start Time: 15:30

Location: University of Canberra 6C35


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