National water commission funding

Monday 18 June 2007

Nearly $2 million in extra funding for water-management tools being built by eWater Cooperative Research Centre has been announced by the Minister for Environment and Water Resources, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP.

The funding comes via the Raising National Water Standards programme. "This is very welcome funding from the Minister and the National Water Commission," says Professor Gary Jones, Chief Executive of eWater CRC. "It is significant support for eWater's commitment to building a comprehensive forecasting and modelling toolkit for the Australian water industry.” "Water policy, and understanding of the needs of the environment and the impacts of climate change, have changed dramatically over the past decade. eWater CRC is developing a new generation of water management tools better suited to these and future needs," says Professor Jones. “We are doing this using the extensive network of researchers and water industry practitioners that exists across the CRC’s partner organisations in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and South Australia.” "eWater CRC will provide, for the first time, a 'standard rail-gauge' for managing rivers and groundwater systems, which works seamlessly across regional and state boundaries." “This is critical as water increasingly becomes a national, not just a local or regional, issue,” says Professor Jones. The eWater tools are designed to allow repeatable and transparent management decisions, using the best available science. Early versions are expected in 2008. This new National Water Commission funding for these two projects, over three years, will be on top of eWater CRC's existing commitment which totals approximately $7 million over the same period.


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