H2O Thinking online

Tuesday 24 August 2010

The first online edition of H20 Thinking magazine is available, allowing up-to-the minute news, additional content, video and audio features, as well as helping eWater cut down on the environmental impacts associated with hard copy distribution.

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eWater CRC has just released the latest issue of the water management magazine H2O Thinking. A new, interactive, online version is now available in addition to the printed edition.

With a Catchments theme, this issue features an opinion piece by CEO Gary Jones calling for a long-term vision around Australia’s water supplies, and a range of articles and case studies depicting the situation in our catchments today, and foreshadowing important remedies for the future.

H2O Thinking aims to introduce you to new and exciting research and technologies and business innovations being developed by our partners and other organisations across Australia.


For more information, or to request a printed copy, please contact:

Jo Webb

P: 02 6201 5730

jo.w[email protected]