Fishing in the desert not as silly as it sounds

Monday 18 June 2007

Griffith University PhD student and eWater top-up recipient Adam Kerezsy couldn’t believe his luck when a big flood occurred in far western Queensland in summer, especially given that his topic is the recruitment and persistence of fish in the Queensland Lake Eyre Basin.

Following a 3 week sampling trip that covered 6000 very isolated kilometres and included several flat tyres and a broken transfer case on a Toyota, Adam has recently returned to Brisbane with the first records of fish in the remote Mulligan River as well as range extensions for species in both the Georgina and Diamantina catchments and length measurements of 8000 individual fish from the Bulloo River across to the Northern Territory border. The highlight of the trip was Kunnamuka Swamp, an ephemeral dune lake in the eastern Simpson Desert 20 km east of the Queensland/Northern Territory border. Arriving late in the day, Adam and companion Mick Brigden (having unbogged their vehicle at the top of a 10 m dune), quickly deployed nets as the light died, figuring the dunefields of the Simpson were possibly the strangest place anybody had ever tried to sample fish!


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