eWater Research Highlights - new series

Sunday 30 September 2007

We are pleased to announce the first issue of a new series of e-fliers, called 'eWater Research Highlights'. Each issue consists of a set of 1-page summaries of research.

Our aim is to tell you about interesting findings or recent outcomes of current eWater research projects or workgroups or programs. In this first issue there are four summaries, on these topics: (i) an overview of eWater research; (ii) a rule of thumb for climate change effects on hydrology; (iii) how freshwater biota use drought refuges in rivers; (iv) studies of water use behaviour in households. Some of the summaries will be more technical than others. All of them will give some 'science detail', as well as showing the area of eWater's work the research fits into. Please feel free to use the contact email address(es) or phone number(s) to ask for more detail.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Peter Wallbrink
Email: [email protected]