New paper: An integrated modelling framework for regulated river systems

Monday 27 August 2012

Abstract: Management of regulated water systems has become increasingly complex due to rapid socio-economic growth and environmental changes in river basins over recent decades. This paper introduces the Source Integrated Modelling System (IMS), and describes the individual modelling components and how they are integrated within it. It also describes the methods employed for tracking and assessment of uncertainties, as well as presenting outcomes of two case study applications.



eWater CRC and partner staff coauthored this paper:

Welsh W.D,Vaze J.,Dutta D.,Rassam D,Rahman J.M.,Jolly I.D.,Wallbrink P.,Podger G.M.,Bethune M.,Hardy M.J,Teng J. and Lerat J.(2012) An integrated modelling framework for regulated river systems.

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