National modelling platform key to Murray-Darling Basin Plan implementation

Tuesday 26 March 2013

The National Water Commission's first report on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan implementation, highlights the priority areas and outlines some of the initial steps toward achieving the Plan's objectives.

The National Water Commission's Murray–Darling Basin Plan implementation: initial report outlines several concurrent activities that support the implementation of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.  Included in these activities is a reference to the adoption of eWater Source as the national hydrologic modelling platform.

Page 5, section 1.3 states:

"The Basin Plan alone cannot address all the activities required to achieve a healthy working Murray–Darling Basin. Other important actions are underway in the region to give effect to the Basin Plan’s objectives, or have influenced the context in which the plan is being implemented.
They include: ...

investment in a national platform for water modelling at the river basin scale..."

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