Source (public version) released

Thursday 17 July 2014

New release of a FREE public version of Source, Australia's national hydrological modelling platform.

Source (public version) release poster (enlarge PDF)

We have released a free public version of eWater Source which is suitable for IWRM studies and development of customised Decision Support Systems. Source (public version) is a fully-featured hydrological, water balance and water quality tool, an ideal entry point for transboundary IWRM studies and research based on the leading hydrological and water quality foundations of Source.

The full version of Source – Australia's national hydrological modelling platform –  is designed to simulate all aspects of water resource systems to support integrated planning, operations and governance from urban, catchment to river basin scales including human and ecological influences. Source accommodates diverse climatic, geographic, water policy and governance settings for both Australian and international climatic conditions.  

Source provides a consistent hydrological and water quality modelling and reporting framework to support transparent urban, catchment and river management decisions. Fundamental to this design is the flexibility which makes it readily customisable and easy to update as new science becomes available. New capabilities can be incorporated via plug-ins developed to suit particular needs while maintaining the overarching consistent decision and policy framework.

What’s included in Source (public version)? 
  • Unrestricted in terms of number of nodes/links and geographic extent
  • Geographic and Schematic Editor 
  • Multiple rainfall-runoff models and link routing methods
  • Water quality (both in catchments and rivers)
  • Wide range of demand models including Crop Models, Environmental Demand, Time Series and Function Editor
  • NETLP for spatial optimisation of multi-supply systems
  • Insight for optimisation and trade-off analysis
  • Advanced groundwater-surface water interaction 
  • Function Editor for designing custom algorithms
  • Plugin Manager for developing your own tools and integrating them into Source
  • Plugins developed and shared by our community members
  • eWater’s Best Practice Modelling Guidelines
  • User forum and FAQs
  • Online context-sensitive help and manuals
  • Introductory training videos and courses
Source (public version) forms the basis for development and testing of transboundary IWRM water governance approaches, available in the full version of Source.
To access Source (public version), see ‘Getting started with Source (public version)
For more information see Source (public version) and eWater Source.

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