eWater officially launches a free public version of Source

Friday 26 September 2014

eWater officially launches a free public version of Source at the 3rd annual Source conference held in Canberra, 18-19 September.

The Hon Craig Knowles, Chairman of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and former NSW Minister, officially announced the release of a free public version of Source at the recent ‘Source 2014’ conference, marking another major milestone in the development of our flagship software.

This means that Source is now available in two versions, the free public version which is a fully featured Integrated Water Resources Modelling (IWRM) platform, and the full version – Australia’s national hydrological modelling platform – which provides access to the complete range of governance functionality, such as water sharing, accounting and capacity sharing methods.

Source (public version) is designed for IWRM studies and development of customised Decision Support Systems, and provides an entry point for trans-boundary studies and research based on the hydrological, ecological and water quality foundations of eWater Source.

The free public version of Source was conceived to allow sharing of models across governments, NGO’s and the wide range of stakeholders necessary to engage in water resources management. It promotes transparency and knowledge sharing by removing price as a barrier – increasing access particularly for universities, students and not-for-profits – and also removing the need to purchase costly add-on products such as GIS which may represent hidden costs.

“A free public access model of Source creates the opportunity to improve the knowledge base, the transparency, the educative capability, and therefore the trust between the governments, the modellers, the scientists, the policy makers and the communities we all serve, and that’s the great value to me of this wonderful journey,” said the Hon Knowles.

During the conference Prof Gary Jones, eWater Chief Executive, thanked the individuals involved in the development of Source, going back over 20 years of R&D history “…who could see the original idea of an open-access, flexible, accessible, plug-and-play, sharing environment for water resource management, and modelling environment. It combines the traditional bottom-up hydrology with the experience of Australian policy and water governance. It allows us, hopefully, to share and have a conversation with [everyone] about our water reform experience in Australia.”

The Hon Craig Knowles announcing the official launch of the free public version of Source (slide of worldwide downloads).

Since the release of Source (public version) in July 2014, there has been a growth in Source users by nearly 300%, with downloads across 60 countries. This encouraging uptake highlights the importance of our not-for-profit mission of offering accessible modelling tools and support services to help professionals working in water resources management.

eWater Source was adopted as Australia’s National Hydrological Modelling Platform in May 2012 under the COAG’s National Hydrological Modelling Strategy. There have been more than 100 real-world applications of Source in Australia and around the world.

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