Vale Professor John Briscoe

Friday 21 November 2014

30 July 1948 – 12 November 2014

We pay our respects and remember the late Professor John Briscoe, a “giant in global water management” who was known for his courage and pragmatism in tackling controversial issues ranging from conflicts on international waters to novel approaches to integrating infrastructure, institutions and environmental sustainability in river basins.

Here’s a H2O.Thinking article eWater ran in 2011 based on an interview with John, which touches on the impact his work had in developing countries, and why he thought Australia leads by example in the world of water management:

H2O.Thinking by eWater: No Short-Cuts In Water Politics

About Professor John Briscoe

Professor John Briscoe was praised as a policy maker and as a field practitioner, for bridging the divide between sound environmental management and economic development objectives. Professor Briscoe was known for his passionate commitment to sustainable economic development, his disrespect for constructed boundaries between sectors and people, and for his insistence that the voice of people who are affected – from the poorest of farmers, to the private sector, to political leaders – be heard.

As a professor in the Schools of Engineering and Applied Science, Public Health and Government at Harvard University and Director of the Harvard Water Initiative, his focus was on educating “the next generation of specialised integrators” – people who are deeply schooled in a discipline but also know how to work across disciplines.

Professor Briscoe was named as the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, widely known as “the Nobel Prize for Water”, for his unparalleled contributions to global and local water management, inspired by an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people on the ground.

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