Scenario Input Sets webcast now available

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Scenario Input Sets and running from the command line (16 mins)

Scenario Input Sets First Slide

Scenario input sets allow you to keep model structure easily while enabling/disabling nodes and switching between groups of input data and parameters. In this webcast, our lead developer, Geoff Davis, shows how these may be used to represent changeable physical attributes such as climate, land use decisions, or even proposed infrastructure characteristics.

You can switch between different scenario input sets to compare the effects on a model. For example, you can have one scenario input set consisting of rainfall, inflow and evapotranspiration data for natural conditions, another for wet conditions, and the third for dry conditions.

We also demonstrate how to use the command line to modify or change the behaviour of the project by changing scenario input sets, and when it is appropriate to consider using the command line.

View recorded webcast

Want to try this demo out for yourself? Download Source (public version).

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