MUSIC Webinar Series: The performance of streetscape bioretention systems in South East Queensland

Monday 5 March 2018

A series of free webinars on water sensitive urban design using MUSIC, presented by industry experts.

The performance of streetscape bioretention systems in South East Queensland


  • Lucy Peljo, Senior Environmental Scientist, BMT WBM
  • Brad Dalrymple, Principle Environmental Engineer, BMT WBM

Bioretention systems are being constructed throughout south east Queensland (SEQ) in great numbers. To date there has been a plethora of laboratory studies to demonstrate their effectiveness; however, the number of field studies has been limited. The objective of this study, therefore, was to assess the hydrologic and pollutant removal performance of bioretention systems operating in ‘real-world’, local conditions in SEQ.

Controlled experiments were undertaken on four recently constructed streetscape bioretention systems within Caloundra, Queensland. A specified volume of ‘semi-synthetic’ stormwater was discharged to each of the four systems to represent a single simulated ‘rainfall event’. Measurements of the flow rate into and out of each of the systems were taken, along with the collection of samples for water quality analysis.

This webinar will present the results of the sampling along with a comparison to other similar studies.

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Lucy is a Senior Environmental Scientist in BMT’s Brisbane Office. Lucy has 18 years’ experience as an Environmental Scientist in both the public and private sectors and her area of expertise are in waterway health and resource management.

Brad is a Principal Environmental Engineer and Team Leader of the Urban Water Team in BMT’s Brisbane Office. Brad has over seventeen years’ experience in various projects associated with environmental engineering, and has CPEng and RPEQ accreditation

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