MEDIA RELEASE: eWater vital to MDB plan

Thursday 9 October 2008

eWater CRC, developers of the next generation of water management technologies, are set to receive $6 million in funding from the Federal Government today.

The funds will accelerate the development of a new river management model, vital for forecasting water use in the Murray-Darling Basin.

“RiverManager is a necessary part of the sustainable use of the Murray-Darling Basin,” said Professor Gary Jones, CEO of eWater CRC.

“Current forecasting models are straining to cope with the demands being made on them including climate change and new technology,” said Professor Jones. “RiverManager will take us forward to the capability we need, for the demands made on our rivers in the next 10 or 20 years.”

“It will be the engine room that powers long term plans for the Murray-Darling, enabling the new Murray Darling Basin Authority and the States to better plan allocations.”

RiverManager, is a forecasting tool that allows users to model the amount of water in any river network and then manage complex allocations to get the best possible trade offs between all water users including the environment.

Although tailored for its role in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, RiverManager will be of use to all river managers in efficiently allocating existing water resources.

RiverManager’s other important functions include the prediction of climate effects on river environments, measurement of ground water and salinity, and the ecological responses of the river environment. All of these are crucial to making the best possible use of Australia’s water resources.

Professor Jones says that RiverManager is designed to manage competing demands of river users on a whole river basis, managing water for people as well as water for the environment.


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