eWater Feature Session, Tuesday 22 September, 12th International Riversymposium,

Wednesday 16 September 2009

eWater is presenting a feature session at this year's Riversymposium at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, 22 September, 4-5.30 pm, about our work with our many industry partners.

eWater: Building Australia's new river basin model, Tuesday 22 September, 4-5.30 pm.

Presented by

* Professor Gary Jones, Chief Executive, eWater

* Dr Peter Wallbrink, Executive Manager Rivers & Catchments, eWater

* Tony McAlister, Manager, Water & Environment Group, BMT WBM.

The session will also feature a panel of industry representatives including:

*Geoff Penton, CEO, Queensland Murray-Darling Committee

*Paul Pendlebury, Director Water Systems, NSW Department of Water and Energy

*Eva Abal, Scientific Coordinator, SEQ Healthy Waterways Partnership.

Or come and say hello to us at our exhibition stand on the Mezzanine Level, just near Door 7 to the Great Hall.

Riversymposium promotes the exchange of ideas, knowledge and technology between industry, science, community and environmental organisations regarding rivers and waterways. This year's theme is 'Rivers from Source to Sea'.

Looking after our rivers involves grappling with complex challenges of water resources management every day. The managers of our rivers are responding to climate change and water reform while continuing to seek to secure water supply for rural and urban use and protect river health.

Achieving the right balance into the future will require the development of options and decision-making that is strongly informed by repeatable and transparent science.

eWater is partnering with governments, industry and the research sector to develop a national eco-hydrology modelling platform for water resource planning and operation which works across jurisdictions and accounts for the full water cycle.


For more information, please contact:

Name: Dominica Kazan
Phone: 02 6201 5074
Fax: 02 6201 5038
Email: [email protected]