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Feature — 8 December 2010
New software tools for water managers
 Enable images to view Environment and water managers have to juggle an array of environmental, social and economic demands upon the areas they manage. Now two eWater tools, Eco Modeller and eFlow Predictor, can help to make their decisions easier.
Science at work
eWater's Eco Modeller has been put to the test in The Living Murray Icon sites, supporting water managers to prioritise deliveries of environmental water.

One of Australia’s most significant river restoration programs, The Living Murray aims to achieve a healthy working River Murray system by returning water to the river’s environment.

Eco Modeller has been used to predict the consequences of different watering scenarios for fish, birds and vegetation of The Hattah Lakes in Victoria and other sites in The Living Murray program through eWater partnership projects.

At the Lowbidgee wetland in Western New South Wales we are working with SKM and the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water to customise Eco Modeller with links to hydrological (IQQM) and hydraulic models. This will enable natural resources managers to accurately calculate how the Lowbidgee will respond to management practices.

Eco Modeller
Eco Modeller can be used to explore the effects of any environmental change.  You can build and store quantitative models of ecological responses to physical and biological factors (such as river flow) to explore various solutions to problems.

eFlow Predictor
eFlow Predictor assists with the design and delivery of environmental flows to benefit an ecological asset.  A scenario testing tool, it can help to calculate the amounts of water required for flows that meet a set of environmental needs, and the associated water cost.

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Photo: Corduroy Swamp, Koondrook-Perricoota Forest (NSW) © David Kleinert / MDBA

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