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Feature — 24 January 2011
Training for better water decisions
 Enable images to view Big picture planning and assessment is now easier for natural resource managers through eWater's Source Catchments software. With new training courses available for this tool, practitioners are better equipped to optimise their catchment management decisions.
Source Catchments offers models, data, and knowledge that can simulate how climate and catchment variables (like rainfall, evaporation, land use, vegetation) affect runoff, sediment and contaminants.

Our training to build and use models using Source Catchments is now offered face-to-face or online to provide participants with flexibility in when, where and how they learn. The first major training course attracted trainees from natural resources agencies, water authorities and environmental and engineering consultants.

Dr Phillip Jordan, Senior Hydrologist for Sinclair Knight Merz, said Queensland’s Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) was an example of an organisation taking the lead in upskilling staff with this training.

“DERM Staff are getting the benefits from their use of Source Catchments, having completed training at an early stage,” Dr Jordan said.

The group included those responsible for whole-of-reef catchment modelling of the Great Barrier Reef. Skills from this training are being applied in the production of the annual Reef Report Card, to evaluate the effectiveness of current water quality programs and to guide future investment.

Tony Weber, National Practice Leader for Water Quality at consultants BMT WBM, also supported Dr Jordan’s comments, noting that the training allows catchment managers to build and run their own models, and also gives them a greater understanding of the software’s benefits. Tony said, “Previously, catchment managers typically outsourced modelling, so the training eWater provides, gives trainees the ability to build models themselves, which can be far more cost effective in the longer term”.

Dr Jordan said training was also important for professional development of water managers.

“eWater have built Source Catchments as a powerful tool for water management, so we are keen to have users making the best decisions in the catchments that they are working in,” he said.

eWater has a range of training courses in urban and catchment modelling with their music and Source Catchments software products. Courses are developed by subject matter experts with a focus on learning outcomes. Using the latest learning tools, we deliver interactive training that meets the needs of a wide range of users.

Training courses

To boost your skills and get more from our products, sign up for an eWater training course.

Book now for Source Catchments online training in February.

We offer training in the major Australian capital cities, with sessions held in regional areas based on request.

See our website for training dates and more information. www.ewater.com.au/training

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