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Feature — 28 September 2011
New guidelines for water management modelling
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eWater recently released Guidelines for water management modelling as part of our commitment to the water industry to provide modelling products for best practice natural resource management. The guidelines apply to eWater and other modelling products.

The guidelines, which can be downloaded free from the eWater website, offer a series of quality assurance principles and actions to ensure that model development, implementation and application are the best achievable, and fit with the intended purpose.

eWater CEO Professor Gary Jones says policy makers and modellers can use these guidelines to support decisions on the use and communication of model results.

“These guidelines—designed to address water agencies' need for guidance on a nationally consistent best practice approach to water management modelling—are the first of their kind for Australia." said Prof Jones.

Peer reviewed by international experts, the aim is to:

  • improve modelling practice
  • remove inconsistencies between model applications
  • provide quality assurance, including evaluation of uncertainty
  • improve decision making, including the use of science to improve the quality and robustness of decisions made and outcomes
  • enhance communication with end-users of model results: water managers, decision makers and the wider community; and
  • provide a process that is transparent, robust and repeatable.

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