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Feature — 28 October 2011
New urban water efficiency solution
 Enable images to view Urban water systems operators need to secure supplies in the face of the triple–whammy challenges of climate change, expanding populations and environmental sustainability.
Developed with urban water system operators in mind, eWater’s Urban Developer modelling software incorporates all three urban water cycle services – potable (drinking quality water), wastewater and stormwater – within a single framework. It can simulate demand and supply interactions at sub-daily time scales, and can deal with catchment rainfall-runoff responses at a range of scales.

Integrating these elements and their aspects into a single program has been a long-term goal for eWater Product Leader Dr Matthew Hardy of BMT WBM and colleagues.

“We have built Urban Developer to support the analysis of alternative service delivery and management strategies so that they can be compared alongside more traditional planning, design and management methods,” Hardy says.
“The challenge in developing an integrated framework is capturing the different system drivers. Stormwater arises from rainfall and runoff processes, whereas consumer demand drives mains water supply and waste water generation.

“Unlike other models, Urban Developer is focused on resource use by households and industry, not just infrastructure. Consumption, storage and reuse are the basic starting points, and from there we can examine options like supply source substitution, for example, recycled water for public open space irrigation.”

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