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Feature — 31 August 2010
Realising whole-of-catchment water management
 Enable images to view Applying a whole-of-catchment approach to water management is
now possible thanks to
Source Catchments, the first component of eWater’s integrated water modelling suite, eWater Source to be publicly released.
A water quality and quantity model, Source Catchments is designed to help natural resource managers and consultants develop targets, prioritise improvement programs and measure the effectiveness of a broad range of catchment management activities.

The landmark software provides a framework for modelling the amounts of water and contaminants flowing though a catchment and into major rivers, wetlands, lakes, or estuaries. Source Catchments integrates an array of models, data, and knowledge that can be used to simulate how climate and catchment variables (like rainfall, evaporation, land use, vegetation) affect runoff, sediment and contaminants.

eWater CRC CEO Professor Gary Jones said that Source Catchments demonstrates the extensive capabilities, flexibility and integration that will be a hallmark of eWater Source.

“Source Catchments is already proving its worth in addressing declining water quality in the catchments near the Great Barrier Reef. It is the first module released from our ground breaking eWater Source product that will change the way water is managed in Australia over the next decade."

The fruit of collaboration between leading Australian scientists and industry partners, Source Catchments will be complemented by future module releases that include Source Urban for water management within cities, and Source Rivers, for large river systems.

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While Source Catchments has been fully trialled in a range of application projects around Australia, nothing compares to seeing how it works in your own catchment.

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