The Source Modelling Community supports collaboration and development for eWater Source, Australia's national hydrological modelling platform. Community members can share expertise and knowledge with industry professionals who are actively involved in implementing Source for the Murray-Darling Basin.

It is designed to facilitate collaboration for continuous improvement of:

  • modelling practice
  • Source capabilities to meet user needs, and
  • approaches to knowledge sharing within the Community.

The engagement of members will develop an intelligent and robust community of practice that has the potential to underpin much of water modelling practice nationally and internationally.

We also have a free community for users of Source (public version) and water management tools on the Toolkit. This supplements support and collaboration for the full version of Source, Australia's national hydrological modelling platform.

Toolkit – The Toolkit is a free resource of software tools and information related to the modelling and management of water resources. The toolkit contains many of the building blocks of Source modelling such as Rainfall-Runoff-Library and The Invisible Modelling Environment (TIME). 

Forum – The 'Knowledge Pool' forum allows Source and Toolkit users to connect with Source experts and other hydrological modellers on water management tools and practice. You will need to be Toolkit member to post to the forum and follow discussion topics.

News & events – Become a member of the Toolkit to download water management tools and receive the Source & Toolkit e-newsletter with updates and featured content that is relevant to you as a user of eWater products. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and LinkedIn.

eWater Source Workshop

We run annual Source workshops and events as an opportunity for users to engage in discussions with Source experts and developers, leading Source modellers and water managers who depend on modelling information. The 3rd annual workshop for Source – Source 2014 – was held in Canberra on 18-19 September 2014.

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